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345 South Water Street, Providence, RI 02903 (Downtown Providence) | (401) 621-8888

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  • Bacaro Restaurant Providence

    .0m away

    The Bacaro experience is as heavy or light as the customer chooses it to be. Whether a night out is about meeting some friends over a wonderful bottle of wine with some prosciutto and grilled figs or summer melons or a full service dining experience, Brian and Jennifer have created the environment that fulfills the senses. Bácaro Restaurant was founded in 2007 and resides in the historic Charles Tanner Building along the riverfront in downtown Providence. Named after the Bácari of Venice, Bácaro focuses on Italian cuisine, applying a simple approach to indigenous ingredients. Owners Brian Kingsford & Jennifer Matta, brought their dream of opening a restaurant to fruition after working almost two decades together in the industry. The name Bácaro comes from what the Venetians refer to their small wine bars as, “Bácari” named so after the God of wine Bácchus. In Venice, these lively wine bars focus on small bites of food called “Cicchetti”, pronounced “chee-keh-tee” Bácaro is a multi-conceptual restaurant offering customers the unique experience of a Venetian Bácari, a Roman Sálumeria, and an Upscale Restaurant. The experience can be as simple as a board of mixed sálumi, cheeses & olives with Venetian tapas and wine to a multi-course fine dining experience.

  • Plant City Providence

    .0m away

    PLANT CITY is an integrated, plant-based food and lifestyle brand designed to offer its community innovative, compelling offerings aligned with the rapidly growing movement toward sustainable food and health. Taking cues from the also robust category of food halls, PLANT CITY is a more focused concept, providing visitors with multiple consumer options, including retail, quick serve, full service dining and an array of education and entertainment products. The core of the brand is its highly refined approach to plant-based food, leveraging the already well known Matthew Kenney Cuisine concepts and building upon that to seamlessly bring them under one roof.

  • The Wild Colonial Tavern Providence

    .1m away

    We take our name from the traditional folk ballad, "The Wild Colonial Boy" - the story of Jack Duggan who left Ireland for Australia where he robbed the rich to feed the poor. At Jack Duggan's time, and well before, the terms "wild" and "colonial" were used as terms of racist derision, meant to belittle the native Irish who lived "beyond the pale" - where our families come from - and to thereby justify the taking of their lands. By applying these terms to Jack Duggan, whom they described as at once "a terror to Australia" and a "tribute to all Ireland," the balladeers are reclaiming those terms, turning them from things of which to be ashamed and into things to be celebrated. Our logo features a figure, taken from a 1610 map of Ireland, which was captioned, "The Wilde Irish Man." The cartographer meant to portray him derisively but, like the balladeers did with Jack Duggan, we're reclaiming The Wild Irish Man. We have taken the name and the figure as our own because we believe that The Wild Irish Man and Jack Duggan were forbears of whom to be proud. Named One of the 9 Best Irish Bars in America by USA Today and One of 50 Best bars in America by both Esquire and InStyle Magazine. Voted Best Bar in RI by both Providence Phoenix and Rhode Island Monthly Home of the Guinness Perfect Pint Award and Stone's Most Bitter Bar. Award Winning Pub Quiz--BiWeekly, please check our calendar. Thank you for joining us here at the Wild Colonial.

  • Hemenway's Providence

    .2m away

    Come to Hemenway's Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar to experience a Providence classic that boasts time-honored recipes for ocean-fresh seafood. You remember...for your graduation, it was our Lobster Pie. For your first anniversary, it was Oysters Hemenway's. Every year for your birthday, you celebrate with our Alaskan King Crab Legs. Brief History An adventure-loving fellow with a passion for fishing and a knack for hospitality inspired his grandson to found Hemenway’s. Over 20 years later, his spirit and enthusiasm still motivate our dedicated team. “Charles Martin Hemenway (1886-1964) was an avid sportsman and fisherman. He was a pioneer in entrepreneurial spirit yet possessed only a seventh grade education. Destined for success, he became President of the Moxie Beverage Company, the New Haven Railroad, and the Varsity-Royale Record Company. He introduced soft-serve ice cream to New York World's Fair in 1939 and owned the Flying Lobster Restaurant on 52nd Street in New York, where he flew in fresh lobsters daily from Nova Scotia. His passion for fishing took him throughout North America, but his favorite trip was to the Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada, during salmon season. This restaurant is dedicated to my late grandfather, Charles M. Hemenway, who will always remain an inspiration.” -Edward P. Grace III, Founder

  • The Red Fez Providence

    .3m away

    The restaurant that drinks like a bar! The bar that eats like a restaurant!


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